Reputation – MPs: Researching and developing new medicines

Read more about how members of parliament see the pharmaceutical sector’s contribution to research and development

MPs recognise the sector’s investment in R&D and its scientific prowess

The sector’s work in R&D is central to its reputation and MPs remain attuned to the benefits of pharmaceutical innovation. MPs overwhelmingly agree that pharmaceutical companies in the UK produce safe, effective medicines that people need, using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

This positive outlook regarding pharmaceutical innovation remains the most important driver of advocacy, relative to other sectors and MPs continue to view it as world leading. This positivity about the impact of its R&D and its track record during the COVID pandemic also shapes their views on the sector’s ability to tackle future pandemics. Over two in three are positive about the sector’s ongoing work to develop medicines and vaccines in response to possible future pandemics.

The research that they do is incredibly important for people's health and the UK is a world leader in this kind of research and development. I think they did a really good job during the pandemic developing drugs for COVID. Labour MP

“…clearly they've developed vaccines to deal with COVID and I know from reading various reports in the media that they're working on other vaccines at the moment. ” Labour MP

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023